About Sublimation

What is Sublimation Printing?

This is often the first question asked by our customer, what is Sublimation? For some clients sublimation printing is a totally new concept & for others who are in the printing industry 'Sublimation' may be a familiar term. Sublimation printing is a procedure for transferring (By Heating Process) of full color from already printed graphics & photographs onto a wide selection of products. These include Ceramics, MDF, Metal, and Glass Product. All Product are specially pre-coated and, therefore, sublimation receptive. Polyester Mouse-mats and Jigsaws puzzle T-shirts with a polyester content can also be decorated. We regularly research and add new printable products to our range so the scope continually increases in personalized gift options.

We have a large client base ranging from the Small entrepreneur/s, starting a totally new venture, through to established companies, keen to expand their product range, coming from myriad backgrounds like Screen Printing, Textile & Garment Industry, Corporate Gift manufacturers, Shop proprietors and more. Because sublimation printing is so versatile and can be easily marketed, it is for some a full time business and for others an addition to their existing business or a supplement to their usual income.

We are happy to answer any specific queries you may have but we have set out below some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do I need a lot of working space? No, the equipment is quite compact. It can usually be incorporated into your existing business space. We also have clients who operate from home and others work from a small booth in a shopping mall.

Do I have to produce a large number of items? No, one of the advantages of sublimation printing is that you can cost effectively produce a one off, a short run or multiples to suit your customer's needs.

Will I need to dedicate my printer to sublimation only? Yes, if you have other printing work to do with standard inks, then you will need a different printer.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss which printer/ink selection will work best for you. Each business differs, so as well as prices, we can give you other specifications to enable you to make the right choice to suit your requirements.

What about my PC Specifications and which software will I need? Most PCs, purchased during the last few years, should suffice and we generally use CorelDraw, Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop software. If you contact us, we can discuss what you may already have available to you and what may possibly be required.

I have never done any printing before. Is it Difficult? No, if you are reasonably familiar with using a graphics program, then you should find the process quick & easy. There are no Hard or time consuming preparations and the Heat Transfer Presses are easy to use.

What can I produce? Using the appropriate Heat Transfer Press, you can decorate any of our sublimation receptive items. Personalizes mugs, badges, trophies, clocks, T-shirts, mouse-mats and a wide range of other items in full vibrant color.

Are Profit margins good? Of course, you can set your own selling price according to the product & quantity. However, because you will be able to offer unique personalized items, tailored exactly to your customer's needs, they will, in general, command a higher price and profit margins can be substantial.