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Automatic Sublimation Transfers Machine

Automatic Sublimation Transfers Machine

Brand: sublitech
Product Code: sublimation transfer 1

Product Name: Automatic Sublimation Transfers Machine

Item No: QDZD, QDZD-1

Item No: QDZD         Meas: 100*140*170cm   Weight: 650kg/Ctn

Item No: QDZD-1       Meas: 100*160*170cm   Weight: 820kg/Ctn

Product Description:

1. This machine can be used for digital sublimation transfer printing, good-sized billboard and piece of garment transfer printing,like Nylon Fabric , Polyester fabrics, Polyester cotton, flags , sports wears , carpets, arts and crafts , mouse pads, ceramics , glower ,bags , shoes , bed necessaries , umbrella ,curtains , coat metal products , coat glasses , advertisment products , swim wear ,high temperature non-woven fabrics ,  ……almost all flat products . 

2. Automatic air operated pressing ,Fully digital temperature control, temperature readout accuracy +-2°C.

3. Adopted hydraulic equipment, then with strong and even pressure. It has high efficiency for two working plates.

4. Oil and temperature style heat equipment adopted, making heat quickly and even. Suitable for factory mass production

Heat platen size:80cm*100cm

available pressure:8kg/cm²

Air compressor distance:125cm


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