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Metal Blanks

Metal Blanks

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Product Name: Cardcase Item No: SBC4 Packing: 200pcs/Ctn Meas: 410*280*310mm Weight: 16.5kg/Ctn ..
Cigarette Case
Product Name: Cigarette Case Item No: SCC2 Packing: 200pcs/Ctn Meas: 410*230*310mm Weight: 15kg/..
Cigarette Case with lighter
Product Name: Cigarette Case with lighter Item No: SCL1 Packing:200pcs/Ctn Meas: 410*230*310mm W..
Compact Mirror-Heart
Product Name: Compact Mirror-Heart Item No: JJ14 Product Name:Compact Mirror-Heart Packing:220pcs..
Compact Mirror-Round
Product Name: Compact Mirror-Round Item No: JJ4 Packing:240pcs/Ctn  Meas:370*240*290mm ..
Heart Hand Mirror with Leather Pink Case-Pink
Product Name: Heart Hand Mirror with Leather Pink Case-Pink Item No: SSM1 Printing Size: 5.5*6.5cm..
Key Ring
Product Name: Key Ring Item No: SMK5 Packing: 240pcs/Ctn Meas: 370*240*290mm Weight: 11kg/Ct..
Key Ring (Rectangular L)
Product Name: Key Ring (Rectangular L) Item No: SMK4 Packing: 240pcs/Ctn Meas:370*240*290mm ..
Key Ring Heart
Product Name: Key Ring Heart Item No: SMK3 Packing: 240pcs/Ctn Meas: 370*240*290mm Weight: 11k..
Key Ring Rectangular L
Product Name: Key Ring(Rectangular L) Item No: SK88 Packing:240pcs/Ctn Meas:370*240*290mm ..
Sublimation Lighter
Product Name: Sublimation Lighter Item No: SFL3 Packing: 250pcs/Ctn Meas: 400*230*360mm Weight: ..