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Sublimation Tiles

Sublimation Tiles

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6"*6" Luminous Tile
Product Name: 6"*6" Luminous Tile Item No: SCT8 Size:15.2*15.2cm Packing:76pcs/Ctn Meas:437*23..
6"x 6" Tile
Product Name: 6"x 6" Tile Item No: SCT2 Size: 15.2*15.2cm Packing: 80pcs/ Ctn Meas: 320*275*16..
6"x 8" Tile
Product Name: 6"x 8" Tile Item No: SCT3 Size: 15.2*20.2cm  Packing: 48pcs/Ctn Meas: 500*2..
8"x 10" Tile
Product Name: 8"x 10" Tile Item No: SCT5 Size:20.2*25.2cm Packing:28pcs/Ctn Meas:260*230*220mm..
8"x 12" Tile
Product Name: 8"x 12" Tile Item No: SCT6 Size:20.2*30.2cm Packing:24pcs/Ctn Meas:318*218*220mm..
8"x8" Tile
Product Name: 8"x8" Tile Item No: SCT4 Size:20.2*20.2cm Packing:36pcs/Ctn Meas:305*215*215mm ..
Product Name: 4.25"x 4.25" Tile Item No: SCT1 Size:10.8*10.8cm Packing:120pcs/ Ctn Meas:..