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Why Sublitech Distributor

Why Sublitech Distributor

Why Become a Sublitech Distributor?

  • First Professional Sublimation Gifting Brand of India
  • Very Potential & Growing Industry
  • Innovative Product Range
  • Premium Product Quality.
  • One Stop Solution for Complete Sublimation Setup From Machinery to Raw Material
  • Maximum Output in Minimum Input
  • 100%ROI Within 18 to 20 Months
  • High Profitable Business Venture
  • Promoting Franchise in Local area
  • Digital Promotion by SEO and Social Media
  • Thousands of International products from all across the globe for complete sublimation solution
  • Expert Service & Support team for after sales assistance
  • Very Cost Effective Business for Investment


Investment Required?

  • Investment required Rs.6 to 8 Lacs for Machinery & Raw Material.
  • Investment in Furniture, Fixtures & Office Setup is around Rs.2.5 to 3 Lacs.
  • Non Refundable Brand Royalty Fees will be Rs.4 Lac for 20 years. 


For more details please call

Pratap Chauhan



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